Akkerman fortress

Akkerman fortress is a treasure of medieval architecture. It is a complicated complex of defensive fortifications with patterns of Byzantine, Gothic and Muslim construction.

Time: Summer time 8:00 - 20:00; Winter time 8: 00 - 17:00
Place: 2 B Ushakova str.
The cost: For citizens - 10 UAH adult, 5 UAH child; Tourist - 40\20 UAH; Tourist group - 300 UAH
Contacts: tel. (excursion department) (04849) 6-97-80. tel (administration) (04849) 6-97-18. Email KP_Fortecya@mail.ru
Description of tourism

Fortress is located on the rocky coast of Dnistrovskiy estuary. External fortifications are surrounded by deep ditch. 34 towers were built along the wall. 12  of them were battle platforms, rest - completed a bastion. They were later filled with dirt for use as platforms for canons. While polygon in plan fortress reaches up to 9 ha in square. Its inner space is divided in 4 courts by walls each with its own name and specifications. 

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