Borysivsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky convent

The sanctuary is located in picturesque place, on the high coasts above lake Sasyk which is divided from Black Sea by the dam, 10 km from Tatarbunary, 5 km from Borysivka, 2 km from Glyboke. Convent court is beautifully neat. Plenty of flowers with lines of grapes. There is a new hotel near the convent. There is also an origin of mineral water.

Time: 7:00- 16:00
Contacts: tel (04844) 9-12-19
Description of tourism

On the high coast of lake Sasyk - where Marin Zizon met St. Mary, Borysivsky convent is located. Its story had begun in 1905. The convent was founded by Marin Zizon as men church. In 1918 it was reorganized into convent. Heart of the convent - Church of God - it was consecrated in 1915. In 1951 - 1985 on its territory a sanatorium for the children sick with tuberculosis was established. From 1985 - 1991 - a narcological clinic was operating here. On 28th of 1991 convent original function was restored. Most of the buildings were destroyed by that time. It is the biggest convents in Odessa region.

Contacts: Ukraine, 68112, Odessa region,Tatarbunarskiy district, Borysivka village, tel.: (04844) 9-12-19 mother superior: Игумения Евпраксия (Гроссу) Igumenia Yevpraksiya (Grossu)

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