Centre of ethnographical history and family rest Frumushika-Nova

Construction of Frumushika-Nova was started in 2006 on the place of former Moldavian villages Frumushika-Nova and Roshia which were destroyed in favor of military range.

Time: 11:00-20:00
Place: 6.5 km from Starosillya village
Contacts: tel\fax: (048) 707-18-18; tel.: (067) 519 42 62
Description of tourism

Today Frumushika-Nova is:


  • The biggest caracal sheep breeding complex in the Europe.

    You can witness sheep milking process on the biggest milking line, sheep getting cut, you can also taste and buy exclusive cheese which was made without any artificial components. Complex is recognized around the world and visited by professionals from Europe and New Zealand.

  • The museum of local history 'Frumushika-Nova'.

    Here tourists can visit authentic courts of Transnistria XIX – XX centuries. You can also visit historical church and tavern as well as plenty of memorials from different time frames.

  • The centre of family rest.

    There are plenty of activities like mini zoo, wine tasting, ride court or APC riding that will give you unforgettable memories.

  • The perfect place to celebrate birthdays of weddings.

    Modern conference hall with 200 places allow any scale of event. There is also an option to accommodate 100 people.

  • The best opportunity to witness the beauty of steppe in all season colors.

    It changes its mood throughout winter to summer. A bottle of great exclusive wine will ensure mesmerizing excitement for everyone.


Website: http://frumushika.com/



e-mail: agrotourismfrumushika@ukr.net;  
tel\fax: (048) 707-18-18;  tel.: (067) 519 42 62

work hours: 11:00-20:00



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