Hotel “Sputnik”

“Sputnik” hotel is situated in Belyaevka center. Suitable location allows finding a cozy place of silence in the center of small but busy town simple and fast. This modest hotel can be your companion in any kind of travel.

Time: all time
Place: Bilyaivka, Kostina str, 11
The cost: 80 hrn\day
Contacts: (048) 522-52-56
Description of tourism



There are 10 rooms at hotel's disposal. “Sputnik” can provide accommodation for 20 visitors at once. Shower and hot water are provided.


80hrn\day for 1 visitor in room for two people.

110hrn\day 1 place room

Additional services

Barbershop and cafe are situated close to the hotel.


Address: “Sputnik” hotel, Odessa region. Bilyaivka district, Bilyaivka, Kostina str, 11

Phone: (048) 522-52-56 

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