Guerrilla glory museum

Odessa catacombs – unique historical, geological and paleontological memorial, which is sadly, still didn't get relevant valuation and protection.

It was created in 1969. This memorial complex is one of its kind in Ukraine which includes  surface and underground expositions. Main part of exhibits is located in catacombs on the 12 – 14 m depth.

Place: Nerubayske
Contacts: Phone: (093) 439-01-39
Description of tourism


Unique excursions in Odessa catacombs – in pure separation from modern civilization, in real sensation of presence underground.

Excursion program includes:

1 – Natural communication during way to the site and back home (except transfer by transport);

2 - Providing participants with lights and gloves (additional gear by arrangement can be provided);

3 – Instructions and providing security;

4 – 2.5 hours of interactive and educational adventure by old underground tunnels. Should be noted, that for comfortable and free movement around the vault it is necessary to have winter clothes, foot- and head-wear that can protect from shell rock dust. There are three  requirements for clothes: it has to allow you free movement, it is expandable and it has to meet the temperature requirements as well (temperature in catacombs is stably + 14 c round the year).

Depending on wishes of specific group the route of excursions can be changed whether to more extreme route (caves, falls, narrow passes, flooded sites of catacombs), or to more casual route supported with tales about historical and geological attractions.

Excursions lengths also can be changed (with relevant cost changes).


Excursions prices depend on number of participants; more participants – less cost for each one.

Excursion price for 1 person – 300 hrn

Excursion price for 2 persons – 400 hrn

3 persons – 500 hrn

4 persons – 600 hrn

5 persons – 700 hrn

6 persons – 800 hrn

7 persons – 900 hrn

8 persons – 950 hrn

9 persons – 1000 hrn

10 persons – 1050 hrn

11 persons – 1100 hrn

Excursion price for 12 and more persons – 100 hrn per person.

Working hours 9 00 – 17 00, Monday – day off.


Address: Guerrilla glory museum, Nerubayske v., Tenistaya str.

Phone: (093) 439-01-39



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