Karmaliuk's cave (Zagnytkiv)

Karmalyuk's cave (Zagnytkiv cave monastery) — an artificial cave in Ukraine, is located near the village of Zagnitkiv, Kodymsky district of Odessa region on the right river bank of Maystrintsa (the left inflow of the Dniester River near the village of Rashkov; near border with Moldova)).

Description of tourism

Local population connects creation of this cave with Ustim Karmalyuk — the leader of peasant movement in Podillya in 1813 — 1835. The cave could be used as point of supervision at the time of revolt. Later the cave, judging by inscriptions, was used as a monastery by the orthodox hermit

The cave is located in the rock called by locals -  "Karmalyukov"; consists of Sarmatian light yellow limestone. The cave is dug in the top part of the rock, almost under the plane of the top plateau at the height about 70 meters. It has two floors which connect an opening hatch. Each floor contains one room. Windows of the lower tier lead to the deep valley . According to researchers this room is created by expansion of a natural karst cave. Earlier in distant part of the first floor there was a wall which was destroyed by natural process later on. The top tier represents the room which is cut out in the rock. In the western part of the room the niche stove bench which is cut out from the rock, and in the Eastern part — a semi-circular apse which, according to researchers, had cult value is located. On the Eastern wall the entrance has a cross with a date 1888 which is cut out in stone.

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