«Uncle Bo's» ranch

Uncle Bo's ranch is an oasis of unique cultural-historical atmosphere. This place provides an opportunity to feel you as a real cowboy and will leave only brightest memories.

Time: all time
Place: Nerubayskoye v., Prikordonnaya str., 46
The cost: specify
Contacts: (067) 482-20-98
Description of tourism



Experienced ranchers will help to make first steps, will accompany on riding walk on picturesque shores of Hadzibey estuary, will take for a drive on a cart, and during the snow period — on sledge.

On the ranch territory training yards  for riding trainings are present; children playground with stylized wigwam, coast and swing; convenient arbors for rest; excursions in catacombs, wine tasting; a small court yard with various pets and the guarded parking.

In wooden saloon with open porch different meals of house kitchen are proposed.


Address: Uncle Bo's ranch, Odessa region, Belyaevsky district, Nerubayskoye v., Prikordonnaya str., 46

Phone: (067) 482-20-98

E-mail: rancho-bo@ukr.net


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