Recreational complex «Three crucians»

Complex is situated in Belyaevsky district of Odessa region, in one hour trip from Odessa and 5 minutes from district center – Belyaevka. Suitable entrance, parking, guarded territory. Huge number of piers for fishing  and arbors for comfortable rest.

Time: all time
Place: Bilyaivka (in the direction to Yasky)
The cost: from 800 hrn\day
Contacts: (048) 702-45-45, (067) 484-67-07
Description of tourism


Working hours: 24\7. Recreational complex includes houses for accommodation with different levels of comfort (one- and two-story wooden cottages, “fisherman's houses”), swimming pool, restaurant, sauna, arbors for rest, child and sport playgrounds.

Main reservoir square – 45 hectares, length – about 2 km, width 200 – 400 m. Depth 2- 3 m.

Complex includes 6 cottages for accommodation.   


2-story cottage VIP:

1st floor

  • guest room: satellite TV
  • kitchen: dishes, electro teapot, microwave, refrigerator
  • lavatory: shower cabin, boiler, basin, toilet.
  • sauna (30hrn\hour)

2nd floor

  • 3 bedrooms with beds
  • terrace with view on lake
  • second lavatory

There are 5 “fisherman's houses” on the territory.

#1,3-5 – four-place houses, with conditioners and refrigerators.

#2 – six-places house (2 two-story beds, 2 beds), conditioner, TV and refrigerator.


VIP cottage

Price: 2450 hrn\day (from Monday 14 00 – till Friday 14 00).

3270 hrn\day (from Friday 14 00 – till Monday 14 00).

4-place houses 800 hrn\day

6-place houses 1100 hrn\day

Additional services

Sauna complex includes:

  • Russian sauna on firewood
  • banquette hall on 20 people
  • 2 rest rooms
  • pool
  • rest zone with TV and DVD
  • bathhouse attendant – not included in cost, hired for additional price.

160 hrn\hour – pool and ping-pong. In “Three crucians” you can rest on restaurant Summer site and try different meals, cooked in Russian furnace. There is a swimming pool with a green rest zone near the restaurant.  


Address: Recreational complex “Three crucians”, Odessa region, Bilyaivsky district, complex is situated in 1km from Belyaevka (in the direction to Yasky)

Phones: (048) 702-45-45, (067) 484-67-07




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