State landscape reserve 'Savranskiy forest'

A  unique, the largest in area apportionment forest in the interfluves of the Dniester and Southern Bug rivers with lots of oak and rock, plants and animals included into the Red Book of Ukraine. 

Contacts: tel.: (04865) 21939
Description of tourism

In Savranskyi forest there recorded 16 species of rare insects. Eagle-dwarf, falcon-saker, small spotted eagle are nesting here. These birds are included into the Red Book of Ukraine.


Regular visitors of Savranskyi forests are mushroom pickers and those who like hazelnuts. Tour operators of the region organize special "mushroom tours" for them. 


For more information about Savran district natural world, it is advisable to visit the Forest Museum organised in the administrative building of the state enterprise "Savran forestry", located on the territory of Savranskyi forest. Straight from the administrative building deep into the forest a wide path goes. It leads to the great "Centenary oak" - botanical monument of nature of local importance, its height is 26 m and its diameter at the widest part is 1,5 m. Everyone who comes here, tries to lean against it thus to get charged with the energy accumulated over centuries.


A nameplate indicating appointed by the scientists the "birthday" of a giant, 1425 is installed near the oak. So this oak can be definitely called "ancestor" of Savran forests.


Besides scientific and nature conservation importance the reserve has a great patriotic and educational importance. 


A memorial plaque and models of mud huts where so called “people's avengers” lived were built in 1970’s  in Savranskyi forest on the historic locations of guerrilla group "Burevisnyk" base which operated in 1942-1944. In March 1944 "Burevisnyk" fighters took part in Savranskyi area  in liberating the area from occupants and  joined the  military units of the 2nd Ukrainian Front. 


Even today in Savranskyi forest one can find on the remains of craters from bombs and shells explosions and bullets and shrapnels; and they are in not a single tree trunk. 


Also it is possible to see here the hydrological monument of local importance - "Haidamaks' well".


This well was named in honor of national avengers that during haidamak movement directed against the feudal-serfdom system (XVIII century), were hiding in the wild bushes of Didov (Grandfather's) ravine. They dug a well over there which is preserved to the present day; the water there is considered to be curative. During hot summer months when it doesn’t rain for a long time, the locals come here with head priest of the church to pray for long-awaited moisture and rain. And almost never they return from Didov (Grandfather's) ravine being dry.


Α lot of legends and tales were created in these invincible places. Treasures and adventures seekers from time to time bother the sleepy quietness of the forest and it eagerly guards all its mysteries. Therefore it has been always waiting for tourists who organize their traditional gatherings and meetings next to "Haidamaks' well" every year.


Location: Savran district, between Savran town and villages Hetmanivka, polianetske and Sliusarevo.


Savranskyi Forest”, Landscape Conservation Area 

(Savranskyi Forestry, SOE)

Sliusarevo, Savranskyi district 66222

Odesa region, Ukraine

tel.: (04865) 21939


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