Centre of Wine Culture Shabo

Name of the village Shabo originates from Turkish “Asha-abath” which means “Lower gardens”.

This suggests that wine-making was widely spread in this region already in XVII century.

Extensive development of this enterprise gives its credit to French settlers who started to live here in 1822. Founder of local wine-making as we know it today was Swiss scientist Louie Tardan; his son Karl Tardan presented first 8 Shabo canaries in 1847 on agricultural expo in Chisinau.       

Time: 10:00 13:00 16:00 18:00
Place: 10, Dzerzhinskogo str.
Contacts: tel.: +380 48 7000 210 e-mail: e.kosulnikova@shabo.ua, j.sergeeva@shabo.ua
Description of tourism

It is impossible for history of more than 200 years tangled with vine shoot not to produce one of the most successful and well-known wine-making companies in Ukraine – Shabo.

How can this be interesting for you? Absolutely nohow, except you love romance of French Provence, hospitality of Bessarab citizens and amazing taste of noble drink from chilly cellars of the Centre of Wine Culture in Shabo factory.

Visiting this cozy nest provides you with advantage of learning rich and exciting history of the region, exploring secrets of wine-making process and taste different marks of prime wine which are all made on the factory.

Most important – You will love this authentic culture with lots of bright colors just like we do...

Come visit us, we always welcome new friends!


Excursion schedule:

10:00   13:00   16:00   18:00


Excursion programmes:

1."Standard", 2,5 hrs, tasting line up – 8 items of Shabo production

2. VIP, 3 hrs, tasting line up – 8 items of exclusive Shabo production


Centre of Wine Culture Shabo

Ukraine, 67770, Odessa region,

Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky, с. Shabo,

10, Dzerzhinskogo str.

tel.: +380 48 7000 210

e-mail: e.kosulnikova@shabo.ua, j.sergeeva@shabo.ua



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