Skiff tomb

 The Crypt was discovered in 1895 in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskiy.  

Place: Shabska str. , Sea port
Description of tourism

 This double chambered premise was built on the rock near the town. Archaeologists discovered that this crypt was a tomb for a noble warrior, possibly a leader of a Skiff tribe which lived in the Tyras region. This place was soon called Skiff tomb. Structure consists of small (which was destroyed) and large chambers. Large chamber served as a tomb for two people (wife and husband). Structure is built from limestone plates: 3x0.7 m. Celling is vaulted, back wall has an ornament in the form of tree pattern. Scientists still debate its origin. Skiff tomb despite of its grim purpose is an extraordinary place of interest not only for archaeologists but tourists as well. It is hard to get in the tomb though it is not prohibited.

Address: Shabska str. , Sea port

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