Regional landscape park 'Tyligulskiy'

The park is wetland area of international importance (Ramsar Convention).

Place: 33, Tsentralna str
Description of tourism

The park is wetland area of international importance (Ramsar Convention).


The structure of the park consists of five wildlife preserves "Petrivskyi" (general zoological of state importance), "Kosa Strilka" (ornithological of state importance), "Kaiirivskyi" (landscape of local importance), "Tyligulskiy peresyp" (ornithological of local importance), "Kalynivskyi" (botanical of local importance).


The park territory covers a land rich in flora and fauna and has great value as a habitat of wetland birds (nesting, wintering, staying during seasonal migrations). 

The main places of nesting are reed bushes at the top of the estuary and sandy islands in its lower part. From listed in the Red Book of Ukraine species of birds here there are small cormorant, stilt, sea dotterel, oyster catcher, spoonbill, glossy ibis, yellow heron etc.


22 rare species of plants of international and state level of protection and 27 species of local level are growing here.Rare phytocenosis from The Green Book of Ukraine can be seen here (5 formations). The park staff created two ecological paths "Tyligulskiy peresyp" and "Cairo bay" to show tourists the most interesting, in terms of biodiversity, areas of Tyligul estuary. 

In addition one can study flora and fauna of the regional landscape park "Tyligulskiy" within tourist excursions developed by subjects of tourism activity of the region. In particular, these routes are "Transit station for winged", "Pearls of Kominternivskiy region", "Inhabitants of Tylihulskiy abode" etc.


Location: Berezivskiy and Kominternovskiy districts, along the coast of Tilihulskyi eastuary. 

 “Tyligulskiy”, Regional Landscape Park 

33, Tsentralna str.

Kominternivske  67500

Odesa region, Ukraine

tel.: (04855) 91172


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