Ancient Greek town Tyras

Ruins of ancient town Tyras were found by archaeologists close to walls of Akkerman fortress.

Place: 2b Ushakova str.
Description of tourism

Town on the coast of estuary in the mouth of river Tyras (Dnister) was founded in VI b.c. By settlers from Greek town of Miletus; in III b.c. It had reached it peak of prosperity. Citizens were mostly occupied with agriculture, vine planting, fishing, crafting, trading with local population of Transnistria. Town minted its own silver coins. From the beginning of II a.d. Town was included in the Roman Empire. In the late III a.d. it was destroyed by Goths. A new settlement quickly arose on the ruins of Tyras. It was populated by Slav tribes of Tiverts and Ulich. Later a fortress was built here. Archaeological research has been developed from 1900 till nowadays.  

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