Tourist information centre in Rozdilna

25th of June 2015 a new TIC (the only on the Northern route from Odessa) has opened in Rozdilna; created within the project 'Tourism as catalyst of rural economic development'. It is a great feature to add to the infrastructure of the Rozdilnyanskiy district and makes cooperation with other districts possible.

Time: 9 00 - 18 00
Place: Odessa region, Rozdilnyanskiy district, Rozdilna, 27, Lenina str.
Contacts: tel.: 050-390-01-78; 097-386-20-28; 093-165-36-78.
Description of tourism

Tourist infromation centre:

- provides actual and interesting information regarding tourism abilities of the Rozdilnyanskiy district;

- informs about list of organizations which provide tourism servises and facilities that support tourism;

- supports Rozdilna citizens in their enterprises to create tourism objects;

- hosts seminars and conferences;

- addresses ecology issues of Rozdilnyanskiy district;

- provides actual information regarding excursions and relevant useful information;

- organizes tourist routes and excursions;

- assists in tourism marketing materials;

- promotes tourism products of Rozdilnyanskiy district and relevant information.


Odessa region, Rozdilnyanskiy district, Rozdilna, 27, Lenina str.; 67400.

Tel.: 050-390-01-78; 097-386-20-28; 093-165-36-78.


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