National park *Lagoons of Tuzla*

Tuzly Lagoons National Nature Park is a Protected area located in Tatarbunary Raion of Odessa Oblast, southern Ukraine. The park was set up by decree of the President of UkraineViktor Yushchenko, on January 1, 2010.

Place: 5, Soviet Army str
Contacts: tel.: (04844) 3196; e-mail:
Description of tourism

The territory of the park includes wetlands of international importance "System of Shagany-Alibei-Burnas lakes" with mouth parts of rivers falling in them, Small Sasyk and Dzhansheiskyi lakes, seaside tail and forests of Lebedivskyi tract.


Tuzlovski estuaries coastline is a colorful mysterious land, woven from the variety of mixed forest which is rare for this part of the region, the Black Sea and the boundless steppe. Nature adjacent to estuaries is characterized by a variety of flood landscapes, specific flora and fauna. 243 kinds of birds can be found here 28 from which are in the Red Book of Ukraine. 23 kinds of mammals (3 of them are from the Red Book), 11 kinds of insects, 8 kinds of reptiles, 1 kind of amphibias and 30 kinds of plants can be also found here. 


Lagoons of Tuzla”, National Nature Park 

5, Radianskoi Armii  str.

Tatarbunary 68100

Odesa region, Ukraine

tel.: (04844) 3196



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