Vulyk mini-hotel

Vulyk proposes beatiful possibilities for family rest.

Time: 24\7
Place: 1, Stepova str.
The cost: 500 UAH
Contacts: tel.+38 (050) 392-78-78, +38 (067) 486-38-63
Description of tourism

Seaside private mini hotel "Vulyk" offers you to spend a family vacation affordable with their children in the Odessa region, in a quiet holiday village Vapnyarka Kominternovsky area, located almost on the shore of the Black Sea.From our hotel to the local sandy beach of the village. Vapnyarka you will spend no more than a 7-minute walk away, and if you ride a bus or taxi, you are within 10 minutes reach from the eastern edge of the beautiful Black Sea "pearl of the sea" - a nice resort town of Odessa.

Hotel "Vulyk" refers to the hotels, so-called "family-type", ie the main part of living in a mini hotel, it came to rest to the sea near Odessa couples or parents with their children. To them we offer our cozy, comfortable, air-conditioned 7 rooms: 3 double rooms inexpensive economy-class, three superior double rooms, one triple and four-bed apartments and rooms near the small kitchen for self-catering holidaymakers themselves.

Besides accommodation in comfortable rooms, for your affordable family vacation on the Black Sea in Odessa region was unforgettable, we offer a lot of their value-added services - from transfer to the Odessa station, evening walks by the hotel and ending with travel arrangements for the spa capital of the southern Ukraine.


tel.+38 (050) 392-78-78, +38 (067) 486-38-63



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